NEO marks industry milestone with launch of cutting-edge products NEO推出了尖端产品,标志着行业的里程碑

China’s Leading Public Blockchain Advances Vision of Next-gen Internet:


[SHANGHAI, CHINA] Today, NEO, China’s leading public blockchain project, debuted three new products designed for the blockchain of tomorrow during the press conference for its inaugural NEO Community Assembly. Throughout the week-long event, NEO facilitated a series of closed and open door discussions regarding not only NEO’s future, but also the industry’s growth prospects within China as enterprise adoption accelerates. Reflecting NEO’s forward looking vision, its newly launched products—NEO?ONE, NeoFS (NEO distributed file system), and NEO Blockchain Toolkit—will drive developer innovation by enhancing accessibility and real-world integration for an optimized experience.? ? ?

【中国,上海】今天,中国领先的356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链项目NEO在其首届 NEO Community Assembly(NEO社区大会)的新闻发布会上推出了三款为未来356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链而设计的新产品。在为期一周的活动中,NEO主导了一系列闭门与开放会议,不仅讨论了NEO的未来,也探讨了在356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链企业应用加速的背景下,356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链行业在中国的增长前景。NEO新推出的产品-NEO Blockchain Toolkit for .NET、NEO·ONE、NeoFS(NEO分布式文件系统)充分反映了NEO的前瞻性愿景,并将通过增强可访问性和现实世界集成来推动开发人员进行创新,从而优化使用体验。

As a complete revamp of NEO2, NEO3 aims to build the three pillars of large-scale commercial blockchain adoption—namely high reliability, high throughput, and big data—to build the foundation of next-gen Internet. With NEO3, NEO will deliver improved scalability, functionality, and user experience to empower developers and create enterprise-grade blockchain innovations for the future.

作为NEO2的彻底改版,NEO3旨在构建支撑大规模商业356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链应用的三大支柱,即高可靠性、高吞吐量和大数据,为下一代互联网奠定基础。基于NEO3,NEO将为开发者提供更好的可扩展性、功能和用户体验,助力开发者创造属于未来的企业级356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链创新。

To meet these requirements, NEO is delivering unmatched stability, data storage capabilities, and optimized transaction per second output (TPS) through its newly launched products, which include:??


l?NEO?ONE: A one-stop solution for NEO blockchain development, NEO?ONE offers a highly accessible end-to-end framework to enable easy, enjoyable, and optimized coding, testing and deployment of NEO Dapps to advance the development of next-gen Internet.??

NEO·ONE:作为NEO356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链开发的一站式解决方案,NEO·ONE提供高可访问性的端到端框架,使编写、测试和部署NEO Dapp变得简单有效,从而推动下一代互联网的发展。

l?NeoFS (NEO distributed file system): Aimed at fulfilling the future’s ever increasing need for data, NeoFS represents NEO’s commitment to building a decentralized data storage system designed for next-gen Internet. Integrated with the NEO Blockchain, NeoFS offers unparalleled privacy, security, fault tolerance, scalability, and performance.

NeoFS?(NEO分布式文件系统):为了满足未来日益增长的数据需求,NeoFS代表了NEO为构建专为下一代互联网设计的分布式数据存储系统所作出的努力。NeoFS与NEO356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链集成,可以提供无与伦比的隐私性、安全性、容错性、可扩展性和系统性能。

l?NEO Blockchain Toolkit for .NET and NEO Express: Developed by veteran Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET developers, this plug-in enables developers to easily access a comprehensive suite of smart contract development tools through Microsoft Visual Studio, the preferred platform for 21 million developers.

NEO356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链 .NET工具包与NEO Express:由资深Visual Studio和Microsoft.NET开发人员开发,此插件可以使开发人员能够通过2100万开发人员的首选平台-Microsoft Visual Studio轻松访问一套全面的智能合约开发工具。

Speaking on NEO3, Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO, remarked that, “Since our founding in 2014, NEO has continuously sought to translate vision into reality by driving innovation in partnership with our developers. To reflect this spirit of innovation, we convened our very first NEO Community Assembly to celebrate our product launch while fostering collaboration amongst our ecosystem. By coming together, we look forward to empowering our developers to realize enterprise-grade blockchain innovations and create the foundation for next-gen Internet.”

关于NEO3,NEO创始人达鸿飞表示:“自2014年成立以来,NEO一直与开发者合作推动创新,不断寻求将理想转化为现实。为了体现这种创新精神,我们召开了第一届NEO社区大会,庆祝我们的产品发布,同时促进我们生态内的协作。通过共同努力,我们期待能够赋能开发者,以实现企业级356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链创新,并为下一代互联网奠定基础。“

Further reflecting NEO’s commitment to collaboration, NEO’s week-long event also brought together leading China-based blockchain leaders, including Ontology, VeChain, PlatON, Bytom, Conflux, and TomoChain for a high-level roundtable. While fostering a lively discussion into key topics such as the future of China’s blockchain landscape and regulators’ relationship with the industry, NEO facilitated the exchange of forward-looking insights and ideas to build towards a more collaborative future.

为期一周的活动里,NEO还汇聚了包括Ontology、VeChain、PlatON、Bytom、ConFlux和TomoChain在内的众多中国356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链行业领导者,举行了一次高层研讨会,进一步体现了NEO推动行业协作的决心。在鼓励与会者对中国356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链前景和监管机构与行业关系等关键议题进行生动讨论的同时,NEO也促进了关于建设一个更具协作性未来的前瞻性见解和想法的交流。

As NEO commemorates a milestone in its development journey with the NEO Community Assembly, it looks to usher in a new era of blockchain innovation and adoption through its products and its community of developers. As NEO3’s full-scale launch approaches, NEO is rapidly advancing towards creating the building blocks of next-gen Internet as part of their smart economy vision.

本次NEO社区大会见证了NEO发展历程中的一个里程碑。NEO希望通过其产品和开发者社区迎来356bet官网 365._356bet备用网址日本_356bet邮箱验证链创新和应用的新纪元。随着NEO3全面推出在即,NEO正在快速推进创建下一代互联网的基石,以实现其智能经济的宏愿。